Smear, 10"x12", Oil

Through, 20"x30", Oil, SOLD

Consumed, 30"x20", Oil

Self Portrait with Notations, 48"x60", Oil

Reclining, 36"x36", Oil, SOLD

Portrait of an Unknown Man, 18"x15", Oil

Alistair, 72"x48", Oil, SOLD

Repose, 15"x15", Oil

Portrait in Grey, 24"x18", SOLD

Alistair II, 30"x20", Oil, SOLD

Portrait in Pink and Black, 28"x20", Oil, SOLD

Found, 40"x28", Oil, SOLD

Alistair III, 48"x36", Oil, SOLD

The Graces, 12"x15", Acrylic, SOLD

Cry, 15"x10", Oil, SOLD

Portrait Study in Greys, 15"x12", Oil, SOLD

Nowhere, 30"x18", Oil, SOLD

Self Portrait, 48"x48", Oil, SOLD

With Plant, 36"x36", Oil, SOLD

Portrait in Yellow, 20"x30", Oil, SOLD

Under Spanish Moss, 30"x20", Oil, SOLD

Self Portrait in Grey, 48"x48", Oil, SOLD

At Rest, 48"x48", Oil

Mother and Child, 12"x10", Oil, SOLD

Head Study, 12"x10", Oil

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